Suffering From Allergies? 
Suffering From Allergies? 
Suffering From Allergies? 
Irritation? Wheezing? Asthma? 
Irritation? Wheezing? Asthma? 
Irritation? Wheezing? Asthma? 

Looking for a Great Night's Sleep? 

Looking for a Great Night's Sleep? 

Looking for a Great Night's Sleep? 

Antibacterial * Hypo-allergenic * Soft as silk * Easy Care * Highly Breathable 
Antibacterial * Hypo-allergenic * Soft as silk  
Easy Care * Highly Breathable 



Bamboo Bedding 

Eco-friendly bamboo bedding full of nature's goodness. 

Bamboo Towels 

Soft and cosy bamboo towels we know you'll love. 

Bamboo Socks 

Discover our best ever bamboo socks - a real treat for your feet! 

Bamboo Gifts 

Add a gift box for that extra special touch 

Enjoy the Natural Comforts of Bamboo Bedding 

At Fortune369, we’re on a journey to embrace eco-friendly living and provide bamboo products that make you feel truly fortunate. As a family-run business based in Kent, we’re deeply passionate about offering sustainable bamboo goods that promote well-being and harmony with nature. Our commitment to prioritising health, providing comfort, and embracing sustainability drives us to deliver eco-friendly, luxurious, and health-enhancing bamboo-based products that alleviate certain ailments, enhancing a healthier life and promoting deeper sleep. 

100% Bamboo 

We care deeply about the well-being of our people and the communities we operate in, which is why we insist on the highest standards of social care. When you choose our bamboo towels, you can rest assured that every thread and dye used in our products undergoes regular and rigorous testing to ensure there are no harmful substances present. In fact, our towels are certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, meeting strict criteria for being free from harmful chemicals. 

Why Choose Fortune369? 

Eco-Friendly Elegance: Our thoughtfully curated collection of bamboo products reflects elegance and sustainability. Each item is carefully crafted to enhance your life while making a positive impact on the environment. 
Healthier Living: Experience the comfort and relief our hypoallergenic bamboo fabric brings, creating a safe haven for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. Embrace a healthier and more restful lifestyle. 
Wholesome Choices: At Fortune369, we prioritize your well-being and the planet’s health. Our bamboo products are not just eco-friendly; they represent a journey towards a more wholesome and conscious way of living. 

 Looking for a great night’s sleep? 

If you suffer from allergies, irritation, wheezing, over-heating or asthma and are looking for a great night’s sleep, our bamboo bedding is the perfect solution. 
Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and soft as silk, our bamboo bedding is not only great value but it offers a soothing sleep experience. With easy care and highly breathable fabric, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead. 
I have been wearing the fortune 369 bamboo socks for a while now. They were very comfortable. My feet no longer itch as much as when they get hot. Excellent product.  
Barry White 
If you are if you want your sleep to be fine get your bedding from fortune 369: Great tagline and I endorse the accuracy because I have brilliant night since I got the product thank you for Fortune 369 from  
Jim Meldrum 
We have the lovely super king duvet cover and pillowcase. Oh my gosh, I was not expecting the bamboo to feel so soft it's something else. We went for a grey which is a lovely rich grey with a hint of blue hue.  
The duvet feels cool against the skin and bamboo is moisture wicking so it's great for the June heat we have right now. This is great for people who suffer from allergies and night sweats.  
The bamboo duvet cover and pillowcases washed well and dry quickly too. Only need the temperature to be 20 degrees so save electricity too. Thank you Forune 369 for making such a lovely product.  
Victoria Howell 
Beautiful socks, bought at a vegan market store in Hampshire UK. The look and feel of these socks are wonderful. They are superb quality & we were quite surprised how much better they are than the average bamboo socks and that's saying something because bamboo socks are generally excellent. Highly recommended purchasing from these guys.  
We bought these socks as a Father's Day present. So, yes if you are looking for eco-friendly, quality bamboo socks, I highly recommend this. Thank you wishing you guys well with this wonderful business. The world needs you to supply sustainable products.  

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